ABC Blasting Services

ABC Blasting Yorkshire understand how surfaces stand up to the blasting process and so are able to advise on the most suitable blasting procedure and media for a particular application.  Whether its internal, external or horizontal and vertical.

Blast Cleaning Stone & Brick

Blasting stonework & brickwork is a very successful way of removing a multitude of contaminates, moss, old paint and road grime. If you are wanting to make some finishing touches to a new build, or if you are renovating an old building, or adding value to your propery, blasting will clean the surface without damaging stone. It will remove paint, traces of cement and plastering, producing a clean surface ready for rendering, dry lining or plasterwork.Or maybe keep the stones natural colour.  Older buildings can be blasted to enable the old areas to blend in with the new part of the building.

Blast Cleaning Timber

Blast cleaning is an effective way of cleaning older wooden/timber beams to get them looking like they are brand new, at the same time retaining their shape and character.
Blasting any timber will remove all traces of paint or plaster residue and remove any rotten elements, exposing the shape and the grain of the wood and provide an excellent fresh surface for staining, varnishing or painting.

Blast Cleaning Metals

Such as steel, iron, alluminium bronze and tin.  We blast the appropriate substrate using the correct media and by varying the blast pressure for the removel of old paint, rust and grime without causing damage i.e warping or any distortion.

These various contaminates can be removed from cast iron fireplaces, boats, tractors, plant & equipment, buses, gates, statues, railings, motor vehicles, skips, garden furniture. The list can be endless

Paint & Re-coating Service

To compliment your blasting cleaning metal service.